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Introduction for organic farmers markets

Organic farmers Markets are organized exclusively for organic farmers who bring vegetables, fruits and processed products from their farms to directly sell to consumers.

The markets are set to achieve 4 key objectives;

1) Provide a market for organic farmers to sell their organic produce

2) Create awareness for the benefits of eating organic foods including health and environmental benefits to consumers and the general public

3) Information dissemination about organic farming

4) to provide a forum where consumers engage with producers and giving feedback on product specifications (size, colour degree of ripeness e.t.c)

The organic farmers markets are guided by a set of rules and regulations drafted in the markets constitution. Participating farmers are required to sign an agreement to commit themselves to following the set rules and regulations. Organic farmers markets in Nairobi provide high quality fresh produce at very affordable prices.


Organic farmers markets were premiered in the western countries as a direct marketing tool to provide an avenue where organic producers meet their consumers to interact. It has spread all over the world with the concept being taken up by developing countries. In Africa, Organic farmers Market have been going on in South Africa and have shown good success. It has been a source of healthy food and information on organic foods for consumers, and a market for producers.




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